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pottery and sculpture

Each piece of pottery must be fired twice. The first firing is in an electric kiln, to dry out the water out of the clay and to harden it for glazing. This is called the bisque firing.

After the bisque firing, glazes are applied. Glazes are finely ground minerals that when heated melt and form a glass on the surface of bisque. Each glaze has different minerals for variety in surface texture and color. Glazes look much different before and after the firing. At 2400degrees the clay becomes vitreous and will hold water, even without glaze. Glaze adds another hard permanent layer of decoration and strength.

After the pots are glazed, they are loaded in my large gas kiln, to be fired for a full day, until the kiln reaches 2400 degrees and the glazes are melted. All the pottery and sculpture I produce is high fired and lead free. I work with stoneware and porcelain clays for variety of texture and color. The high fired pottery is extremely durable and safe for everyday use. Sculptures can be left outside all year long, the weather will have no effect.




Kiln before firing


Kiln after firing


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