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I have lived in the Puget Sound region all my life, growing up with the smell of the water and foghorns on misty nights.

I got hooked on pottery at Garfield High School. Creating pottery forms was for me something new and wonderful. Helping fire the gas kilns in school and watching the flames lick out of the kiln openings while the glazes melted had magic and mystery for me, so I decided to attend college, to become a ‘real’ potter. From the beginning I loved making pots.

I attended the University of Washington in the early seventies, studying Ceramics mainly, but also painting, drawing and design. One highlight of my time at the UW was a class with Jacob Lawrence. The first day he informed the class we were going somewhere to draw, and we ended up in the ballet studios. Lovely dancers undulated constantly as I gaped at the blank pages in front of me, wondering how to draw a figure that would not hold still. I remember how I had to just ‘let go’ and let it pour out of me as fast as possible. Some of my favorite drawings came from that day.

At the University I earned a BFA in Ceramic art, studying with Robert Sperry and Patty Warashina.

I decided to acquire a B.A. in Art Education, and was hired by the Kent School District to teach Ceramics at Kentridge High School. I taught in Kent for over 30 years, also at Cedar Heights and Kent-Meridian High School.
While I worked as a teacher I maintained a pottery business at home. I built a gas kiln to be able to produce high fired stoneware and porcelain, and have participated in numerous art fairs including Bumbershoot and the University District Street Fair.

Currently I produce hand built sculptural pieces and functional wheel thrown ceramic forms that are unique and one of a kind at my art studio in Federal Way. WA.

I also create garden sculptures and relief clay paintings. I also enjoy digital photography and painting with oils. In addition, I teach lessons in clay, sculpture, painting and drawing



Contact Leah at leah@leahboehm.com